K-9 Bios

K-9 Bios

K9 DragoName: Drago

Age: 7

Birthplace: Netherlands

Bio: Drago is a black and tan German Shepherd. He was born in the Netherlands and came to America in 2013. Drago is cross-trained in narcotics detection, tracking of missing/wanted subjects, and criminal apprehension. With a personality befitting of his astrological sign, he is on the cusp of being a Taurus and Gemini. He can be stubborn as a bull and Drago has an unmatched drive to protect the citizens of Douglas County. On the other hand, his gentle nature comes out in his love for his family, children and his brother, Klous, the Pomeranian. Drago is a loyal partner to both his handler and all the deputies of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. Drago loves meeting the public, especially children at our local elementary schools. He enjoys rawhides, being scratched and starring at you while you eat.

"He loves nothing more than going to work and Drago makes being a K-9 handler worth every minute of the job. It is a privilege to have him as my partner."


K9 JaxName: Jax

Age: 6

Birthplace: Chico,  California

Bio: Jax is a full blooded German Shepherd. His father was originally from Germany and his mother was from the Czech Republic Jax was brought to the Sheriff's Office when he was only 1 year old. Jax lives at home with his handler and loves the water and playing tug-o-war with the other dog friends.




K9 BenyName: Beny

Age: 3

Bio: Beny enjoys his favorite treat- string cheese. He has been through the SWAT and K-9 Interacting During Deployment School (SKIDDS) allowing him to act as a backup dog team for SWAT Deployments.







Name: Bak

Age: 4 

Birthplace: Slovakia

Bio: This German Shepherd has three years of experience as a dual purpose patrol/narcotics dog. Bak has recovered multiple amounts of illicit narcotics, made several arrests pertaining to all aspects of criminal activity, and successfully been involved with seizures of US currency during his active role as Deputy Kruger's partner. This nearly one hundred pound dog has a tremendous psychological effect on suspects and has been used as a successful force option when dealing with violent criminals. His mere presence has prevented physical use of force cases while enhancing the safety of the community and other deputies within this office. As part of the community,his home life is that of any other dog in the community. A fun fact about Bak's name, it represents the war cry of a Slovakian warrior. 


K9 BaneName: Bane

Age: 3

Bio: Bane is a German Shepherd certified in both narcotics detection and patrol (bite work) and is currently assigned to the Jail Division. He conducts sniffs of holding cells, inmate blocks, property rooms, and common areas of the jail to detect narcotics. Use of force in the jail is always an available option with Bane, but his presence alone is often enough of a psychological deterrent for inmates. In Bane's off time he loves hiking, swimming and hogging the bed.



K9 RikoName: Riko

Age: 1

Birthplace: Slovakia

Bio: Something unique about Riko is that he holds the title of Nevada's best looking dog, according to his handler. Full of energy and loving towards kids, Riko is a Sable German Shepherd who is both California and Nevada POST certified. Riko's handler wanted to name his first born son Riko; unfortunately, his wife was not a fan of it. When Riko came to his handler his Slovakian passport name was Dago, but his handler saw this as a compromise and changed his K-9's name.





K9 ZekeName: Zeke

Bio: Coming Soon










Name: Axel

Bio and Photo: Coming Soon