Investigation Division


Officer in DCSO carThe Investigations Division conducts criminal investigations beyond the scope of the ordinary field investigations performed by patrol officers. The natures of these investigations are typically complex.

The Investigations Division of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office investigates crimes against people, property, tech-related and/or narcotics-related.

Citizen involvement is part of our division's success. Please take the steps to protect yourself from becoming a victim and report any information you may have for ongoing crimes. 

775-322-4900 or by visiting the secret witness website here:

Crimes handled by the Investigations Division include:

  • Burglary
  • Child Abuse/Sexual Exploitation
  • Fraud
  • Grand Theft
  • Homicide
  • Robbery

Street Enforcement Team  

The Investigations Division has a specialized narcotics unit known as the Street Enforcement Team (SET). SET primarily conducts undercover investigations into the trafficking of controlled substances in our community and the surrounding area.

Task Force

The Investigations Division participates in four multi-jurisdictional task forces. They are the Tri-Net Narcotics Task Force (investigators assigned from the Nevada Division of Investigations, the Carson City Sheriff's Office and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office), the Regional Gang Unit (investigators from the Lyon County Sheriff's Office and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office), the FBI Safe Streets Task Force (investigators from the FBI, Carson City Sheriff's Office, South Lake Tahoe Police Department and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.) and the Drug Enforcement Administration's Reno High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force.  

Investigations Division Contact Information

Secretary Jane Tipton
(775) 782-9905
[email protected]
Fax: (775) 783-6443