Employment Overview

Employment Overview

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The processes and requirements for applying for Deputy Sheriff are listed below:

Qualifications and testing process:

  • Written Exam

  • Physical Readiness Testing

  • Oral Board

  • Extensive Background Investigation

  • Polygraph Examination

  • Psychological Evaluation

  • Medical Examination

Written exams

Persons holding a current Category-I P.O.S.T. Certificate are exempt from taking the written exam.

Written exams are scheduled through the Douglas County Human Resources Department. To request a list of upcoming exam dates and on-line employment application, click HERE

Opportunities For Laterals

Experienced lateral applicants are screened on a case by case basis by their years of service and experience. Salary and assignment for lateral applicants is negotiable and determined on a case by case basis.

Out of state applicants who do not posses a Nevada P.O.S.T. certificate should check with Nevada P.O.S.T. to determine if their current out of state P.O.S.T. certificate is transferable to Nevada. Nevada accepts numerous other state, federal, and U.S. territory P.O.S.T. certificates. Those applicants who posses a transferable certificate will have to attend a two week in-lieu class at the Nevada P.O.S.T. academy after you have been hired. This course will be paid for by our agency.