Vehicle Pursuit Update

Vehicle Pursuit Update
Posted on 05/06/2020
Vehicle Pursuit Update

Minden, Nevada- On 5-1-20, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office was advised that the Carson City Sheriff’s Office was pursuing a stolen vehicle south bound on Highway 395 entering Douglas County.  DCSO personnel took over the pursuit and the suspect, Fabian Campos, was ultimately taken into custody at the intersection of Johnson Lane and Highway 395. 

During the pursuit, Campos, displayed a badge out the sunroof of the stolen vehicle he was driving in an apparent attempt to identify himself as a law enforcement officer and get the pursuing units to stop chasing him.  Also during the pursuit, Campos’ vehicle struck one of the pursuing DCSO patrol units.

When the stolen vehicle Campos was driving was finally stopped, Campos again displayed a badge and tried to identify himself as an FBI agent.

Campos, who has an extensive criminal history, is suspected of stealing the vehicle he was driving from an automotive repair shop in Los Angeles, California on 4-29-20.  The suspect in that theft was captured on surveillance video and bears a striking resemblance to Campos.  During the theft of the vehicle in Los Angeles, the suspect was discovered by employees of the auto shop and the suspect displayed a badge and told the employees that he was an FBI agent and was taking the vehicle from their shop as “evidence.”  A hat and jacket similar to the ones worn by the suspect in the theft in Los Angeles were recovered from the stolen vehicle that Campos was driving. 

On the same day the vehicle was stolen, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department tried to stop the stolen vehicle that Campos was ultimately arrested while driving in Douglas County.  The stolen vehicle accelerated and a vehicular pursuit began.  The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department decided to terminate the pursuit and let the stolen vehicle escape.

Campos was booked into the Douglas County Jail and charged with Eluding a Police Officer, Possession of Stolen Vehicle, Resisting a Police Officer, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Reckless Driving and Driving without Due Care.  His bail is $100,000 cash only.


Written by:            Undersheriff Ron Elges

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office