DCSO Warns Public to be Cautious of Scam Calls

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Warns Public to be Cautious of Scam Calls
Posted on 05/04/2021
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Warns Public to be Cautious of Scam Calls

Minden, NV- On Tuesday April 27th, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office received a report that a parent got a phone call from a person who claimed to have kidnapped the parent’s adult daughter. The caller knew the name of the parent’s daughter and the parent could hear a female screaming in the background. The parent described the caller as speaking in “broken English” but the parent could not describe the caller’s accent any further. The caller instructed the parent to go to the Walmart in Gardnerville and await further instructions.

DCSO Patrol units met the parent at the Walmart and quickly determined that the parent’s daughter was fine and at her place of employment.  The caller never re-contacted the parent.  It is assumed that the caller was going to tell the parent to buy gift cards from the Walmart and read the gift card numbers to the caller over the phone to pay the “ransom” for the daughter.

This is the second such case that has been reported to DCSO within the last several months.  In both cases the parents were understandable terrified that their child had been kidnapped. Also, in both cases, the parents stated the caller had an accent. It is highly likely that these callers are from outside the United States.  Also, these criminals usually use a “spoof” telephone number to conceal the actual telephone number they are calling from. 

Residents are reminded that there is a wealth of information on the internet about almost everyone.  Your name, address, phone number, people who are associated with you (your adult children) is all readily available information on the internet. 

If you receive one of these calls, contact the Sheriff’s Office at (775) 782-5126 before paying anything. Anyone that would ask you to pay them with gift card numbers is a scammer. Always be cautious with your personal information to try to limit your exposure to online scammers.